I cannot recommend Rosie's treatments highly enough. Rosie is highly intuitive, and extremely talented, she is able to 'listen' to the body then very effectively treats these areas of the body with Visceral Manipulation. I have tried many natural therapies and practices over the years, and in my view Rosie Greene is among the best of the best when it comes to natural practitioners and healers. Over the years she has helped me with a range of issues, from easing scar tissue, to digestive and muscle problems, stress, sleeplessness, and balancing the body.


I saw Rosie after several days with a persistant ache in my right side. I had been to the Doctor and been sent for a scan to see if it was my kidney causing this discomfort. The scan was clear. Rosie determined that it was my gall bladder causing this pain and after a session with her the pain disappeared never to reappear again. I recommend Rosie as a skilled and knowledgable practitioner who is committed to doing her best to help her clients.


I have been under Rosies' care for the past 2 years, we are now in a 'preventative maintenance' mode, which works perfectly for my body.
My body has endured many surgeries, mainly due to Endometriosis, Caesarian births and numerous adhesion surgeries. The gentle treatments allow my internal organs to work as they should, and relieves the chronic pain I have suffered from for many years'.


Following a head injury, I have had various ongoing issues in relation to concussion and damage to the pituitary area of my brain. I am so pleased that I was referred to Rosie and would recommend her without hesitation, particularly to people who have had head injuries. So many aspects of my post-concussion symptoms have improved since starting treatment, I feel the benefits very quickly and they are maintained. Even after the first treatment I came away feeling so much more switched on and clear in my mind, much more like my old self. Rosie is like an encyclopaedia of functional human anatomy, incredibly intuitive and warm in her approach.


I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis several years ago. This is a disease of unknown cause which causes inflammation in the body. It can affect many organs but in my case it particularly affected my eyes, lungs and vocal cords. My health was poor when I started seeing Rosie. I was chronically tired and feeling unwell. I was unable to exercise and often needed a sleep following activities such as mowing the lawns. Rosie made a big difference to the way that I feel and she has helped me get back to being able to exercise and take control of my health. For the first time in many years I feel fit and healthy. I continue to see her monthly which I find assists me to keep well.


I was referred to Rosie after seeing over six different specialists to manage my chronic abdominal pain. Over ten years, I’ve had numerous abdominal surgeries to remove endometriosis and bowel adhesions.

I was in poor health when I first saw Rosie early in 2017. Along with being completely exhausted, sore and incredibly frustrated from managing pain, I had accepted that chronic pain was a regular way of life. Rosie was the first practitioner I had seen in years who had a plan to treat my pain and work towards preventative treatments.

Since starting to see Rosie, my quality of life has improved dramatically. Her intuition of hunting down the root cause of pain is incredible and I leave every session with a clear mind, and my pain is relieved.